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Kimmy Gibbler is my Spirit Animal

Have you been watching Fuller House on Netflix?! So much love!!! Many times reunion shows are a bad, very bad idea, but this? I love it!! It’s so much fun to see the characters I’ve grown up loving now all grown up, both in real life and on a TV series.

DJ may have always been my favorite, but I did enjoy Kimmy. She was bold, outspoken, and knew exactly what she wanted… and… she was so darn quirky! And don’t forget a wild fashion sense!

I have watched the first two seasons of Fuller House and have been thrilled to see old faces come back and even see my heartthrobs from New Kids On The Block make an appearance. While counting down the days til the release of Season 3, which I hear may have an appearance by Ryan Gosling, I finally wrote up the pattern for my donut purse that was inspired by the donut purse Kimmy wore in the first season.


Love it!!!

I had to create my own. The hole in the middle was a bit of a challenge. While I could have designed a purse that had a physical hole, that didn’t seem all that practical. Kimmy’s purse looks like it may have a clear plastic where the hole is, but I’ve not come across any clear yarn yet. If I do then I’ll be sure to use it instead!!

My Donut Purse pattern is now available on Ravelry, but if you’re not crochet-inclined, you can purchase one from my Etsy shop.


Cathedral Tree Painting

I’m still not quite sure what to title this one. I had a vision of a sunset, but the sky was broken up like a stained glass window in fragments of rainbowed color. When I am outside in nature is when I often feel closest to God, there among His creation. There’s something powerful about that. This painting came from that image and emotional connection.

Here you see a bit of the progression of the painting.

52 Weeks of Creative Goals & Prompts

Last week I shared my word of the year and how I plan to keep up with it throughout the year. One of the ways I plan to do so is by writing a prompt or a goal at the beginning of each week in my planner for the entire year. I have 3 different areas I’m working on so I have 3 goals written at the beginning of each week. I snagged my health/fitness goals from another site, but I put together my own list for my creative goals and my spiritual growth goals. The latter one will be another post. I started the second day of the year with the stomach bug so my health and fitness goals are off to a rough start. I’m still feeling a bit icky but am hoping to get back on track soon.




This list encompasses several different areas of creativity, as well as a few general ideas. I just wanted to share with you what I’m doing. You can take it as is or adapt it to suit your own creative interests, but don’t be afraid to try something new. I definitely put a few things on this list that I’ve not done before, and I’m excited to see where it leads. The whole point is that it gets you thinking more creatively, using parts of your brain that maybe don’t get exercised as much, and trying out new ways of doing things.


52 Weeks of Creative Goals & Prompts

  1. Social Media Fast
  2. Express yourself
  3. Make art for at least 15 minutes every day
  4. Finish projects
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Do a large puzzle
  7. Cook something you’ve never made before
  8. Encourage others to create
  9. Make art with coffee
  10. Keep an idea notebook
  11. Take photos of your children (family/friends)
  12. Visit a gallery or art museum
  13. Practice, practice, practice
  14. Stop multi-tasking
  15. Make a terrarium
  16. Be around creative people
  17. Sing in the shower
  18. Take a break
  19. Don’t let your ideas scare you
  20. Send a handwritten note
  21. Read a classic
  22. Go for a photo walk and take photos of everything that catches my eye
  23. Work from a new space
  24. Revamp a piece of furniture
  25. Declutter your workspace
  26. Play
  27. Sit and enjoy your coffee/tea, doing nothing else
  28. Paint a 5-minute imaginary landscape
  29. Draw your to-do list
  30. Take a drive
  31. Make something with supplies you have on hand
  32. Artists make art
  33. Organize a craft night with friend
  34. Do a crossword puzzle
  35. Step away from the screen
  36. Draw with your non-dominant hand
  37. Let a child choose my outfit at least one day this week
  38. Stop doubting, start doing
  39. Sew something
  40. Be curious
  41. Don’t give up
  42. Do something in pen and ink
  43. Make something on my to-make list
  44. Visit an art store and look for inspiration
  45. Do what makes you happy
  46. Dance wildly
  47. Let yourself daydream
  48. Learn a new crochet stitch
  49. Color in a coloring book
  50. Learn a new knit stitch
  51. Make art from a bible verse or quote
  52. Put together a new outfit


What do you think of my list? I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe what you would add to it or plan to do with yours! Share with me in the comments!




Living Intentionally

At the beginning of 2015 I chose my “word of the year”. My word was presentI wanted to be present in each day and not be so distracted with everything else. Last year I didn’t choose a word. I made anti-resolutions instead. Seemed fitting considering how crazy the previous year was.

Anyhow, I think 2017 needs a word. The word for my year will be intentional. I want to live on purpose. I want to have an end goal with mini goals and prompts along the way to keep me on track. I want to live each day feeling like I’ve accomplished something, even if that something is simply making a to-do list in the morning. I want the vast majority of my time to be spent doing something meaningful, something fulfilling, something enriching… and not just scrolling through Facebook for hours.

I have divided my word of the year into 3 key areas: Health/Wellbeing, Spiritual, and Creative. I found a list of 52 changes for a healthy lifestyle. For the other two, I made my own list. I’ll try to share that in a future blog post. Once I made my lists, I went through my planner and added one from each at the beginning of every week. Then I color coded them – pink for health, blue for spiritual growth, and orange for creative. I also decided green would be for things relating to my kids, and yellow would be things relating to work, but those are just side notes, not weekly goals. Though, my children and job are not side notes. Just realized that didn’t quite sound right. Moving on…



I also found several quotes and bible verses relating to my word of the year and my goals, and then I wrote those on random pages throughout my planner. I’m pretty interested to see how my life corresponds to whatever weekly goals or sayings I have pre-loaded. I’ve also marked the date when I need to do my fitness assessment to check my progress. I have written reminders throughout the year to make daily lists or schedule important appointments. I’ll likely also try to get all my bills due on the same day so I don’t accidentally forget anything.

I bought myself an alarm clock today and plan to use it instead of my phone. I’ll be putting my phone in another room at night to avoid the tendency and habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning or if I wake in the middle of the night. I’m hoping this helps me to sleep better and start my day better and more productively. If you’re checking Facebook before you greet your family in the morning then there’s a problem. When I get paid Friday I also intend to buy myself a watch so I don’t have to rely so heavily on my phone. I find myself checking my phone for the time and then getting sucked into social media and games and before I know it, 20 minutes has passed just in checking the time.

I’m going to get my oldest in on it too. In the next week I have scheduled time to sit down with her and help her set her own goals. I want to create responsibility and ownership in her. I want her to set a goal and feel the accomplishment when it’s done, knowing that she can do something when she decides to do it and works toward it.

I have big hopes for 2017, and I know that if I want to achieve it then I’m going to have to do something about it. Success doesn’t come from sitting on your butt and wishing something will happen. You have to do something. It may be baby steps each day, but they are steps that move you closer to where you want to be. I’m sure that throughout the year I’ll share what my goals/prompts are for that week and any other relevant tidbits. I’m making a goal to publish a blog post once a week, at least. One step at a time.


The new year is just a few short days away. Have you thought about what your goals for the new year are? Share in the comments!



Weekend Reads

I’ve been MIA for a bit. That’s what happens this time of year. I have been busy with Christmas parties, handmade orders, my children, and working. I hope you are enjoying your December month and trying to enjoy the time with your family. Why does it seem so difficult to do that in December? It’s a month that is supposed to be focused on family and yet we seem so harried that we miss it.

If you find a lull in your weekend, here are some good reads for you, including some ideas for kids.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa – The Kentucky Gent

Connecting With Kids – Your Modern Family

A Different Way to Give Handmade – Knit Picks Blog

17 Places to Hide the Elf on a Shelf – Lipgloss and Crayons

O Christmas Tree – Doodlewash

Weekend Reads

The weather this week has been bizarre. It’s been nearly 80 degrees!! In Illinois. Mid-November!! It looks like it’s supposed to cool off really quickly tonight though. It just feels a bit weird, with Thanksgiving being next week. When did that sneak up?

I’ve got a good mix of things for you this weekend. I hope you enjoy them!


Building a Simple Side Table – Injenious Life

Knit Picks Needle Sale! – Knit Picks Blog

Saying Yes to Your Kids – Your Modern Family

How Moms Can Help Other Moms – Lipgloss & Crayons

Santa Beard Christmas Countdown Craft – I Heart Crafty Things


Let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!




Lantern Fest, St. Louis

Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies. The animation is just gorgeous and the story is heartwarming. I thought the image of the lanterns filling the sky was magical, so you can imagine my delight when I saw there would be a Lantern Fest nearby. 

I bought our tickets a couple of months ago. I was especially excited because my oldest daughter is getting to an age where she is remembering more and holding onto experiences and I thought that this would definitely be one for the books!! Speaking of books, I have GOT to get some of these pics printed!

It was beyond my expectations. With our tickets we each got a small box that contained the makings of s’mores, a marker, a lighter, and a scavenger hunt list. We also each got a paper lantern. Bounce houses, face painting, balloon animals, games, and more were all included. My daughter decided to write a message on hers and pray for the person who finds it. ❤️

When it started getting dark they passed out firewood and we lit the tiki torches. We had communal fire pits to make our s’mores. Pretty cool. There were over 7000 people there, including Anna, Elsa, and Rapunzel!

They had a singer come in from L.A. and also had fire dancers, though we left before the dancers. After the mini concert we were instructed on how to light and release the lanterns. It really took 2-3 adults to get it lit and ready, but the view was incredible. 

I’m so glad we were able to do this. I don’t share pics of my girls, but the looks on their faces were priceless. It was such a magical night that well not soon forget. It’s just one of those things that you need to experience at least once. Totally worth it. 

Have you been to a Lantern Fest?

Weekend Reads

What a week!! With Halloween festivities thrown in between work, church, and other obligations, it was quite a busy week! I feel like we should get mandatory resting/sleeping days after big holidays. Gotta catch up on sleep! Shew!!

Last Wednesday we had our Trunk-or-Treat at church, and I dressed up as Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmatians. Super fun! I wore a fuzzy white bathrobe as my fur coat.


I would love to hear what you did for Halloween! Saturday was our trick-or-treat night. We just went around town to other churches’ trunk-or-treats.


So for your weekend reading I have found a few blog posts I have found interesting. I hope you enjoy them!

How to Paint the Rain – Artists & Illustrators

Chicago Cubs Mason Jar Craft – Mason Jar Crafts Love

Scentsy Fall Fragrance Recipes – Scentsy Blog (I’m also a Scentsy consultant. You can view my site here.)

DIY Gratitude Journal – Dollar Store Crafts

25 Things to Stop Wasting Your Time On – Marc Chernoff



Have a great weekend!!!



Weekend Reads

Life sure seems to pick up the last 3 months of the year, and this year is definitely no different. I wonder if we could spread these holidays out just a smidge. Congress isn’t doing much else, right?

My days lately have been full of custom orders, a vendor event, a church rummage sale, painting parties, stressfulness, fall events, and work-work. I’ve picked up another day at work-work, so that’s an adjustment too.

A couple months ago someone asked me to create a crocheted Jack Septic Eye. I had no clue what that even was, but I designed one and have sold several since then. Who knew?

I try to read as much as I can and today I’ve rounded up a few blog posts that I found interesting and maybe you will too.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”
Dr. Seuss, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut! 


Mood Boards to Inspire –   Bloglovin’ Lifestyle

New Super Tuff Puff Yarn – Knit Picks Blog

How to LOVE the Mom You’ve Become – Your Modern Family

A Pretty Granny Square Blanket – Glenna Knits

Why You Should Raise the Prices of Your Art & How -Alyson Stanfield


Those are just a few to get you started. I hope you have a great weekend!


What great reads have you found lately? Or maybe you have written something great. Share in the comments below. Maybe I’ll share yours next week!


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