What I Do

It has occurred to me that I do everything. I knew this, but now I really know this. I feel like a one-woman show. In my Etsy business, I am designer, maker, photographer, marketer, accountant, web designer, blogger, graphic designer, sales person, promoter, publicist, packager, shipper, and probably a few other things. Just attempting to … Continue reading What I Do


Stenciling on Canvas

First of all, stenciling is a weird word. So anyway, I have been having fun making canvases colorful. I love color! Some of the canvases look amazing on their own, but I wanted to add a little something extra to others. That's when I started adding some lettering to the canvases.     The good … Continue reading Stenciling on Canvas

A Visit to the World’s Largest Crochet Hook & Knitting Needles

A couple of weekends ago we took a trip to Casey, Illinois, home of 8 of the World's Largest things, including a mailbox and rocking chair -- super awesome. Of course I had to see the World's Largest Crochet Hook and Knitting Needles. I had seen the photos and videos online. In order to break … Continue reading A Visit to the World’s Largest Crochet Hook & Knitting Needles