I think I have been creating since the moment I could hold a crayon! My baby book is overflowing with poems, stories, and drawings I’ve made. Every since I can remember, I have been happier when I have knitting needles, a paintbrush, a glue gun, a pen, or anything in my hands (or just my hands) that can be used to make something beautiful, unique, or quirky.

I grew up in a south central, rural town in Illinois where it was a big deal when a Super Wal-Mart came to town. I occupied my time with various creative outlets, including drawing, singing, and theater. I began to love painting when I studied studio art at a university in eastern Illinois. I am also a self-taught fiber artist. I have dabbled in nearly every media possible. I like to learn new skills and expand my artistic repertoire. I began teaching paint night classes in August 2016, and am loving it.

I’m a mama to two amazing girls who keep me busy and keep me motivated. I am way too addicted to coffee and chocolate. I also have a serious addition to craft supplies.

I like to blog about arts & crafts, projects and goals I’m working on, tutorials, things that inspire me, and parenting. I like to think of my blog as the place where art and parenting collide.

I opened my Etsy shop in January 2011 with the name CsqDesigns. I chose the name because my first and last name begin with a C, and I had a friend in college who called me C-squared. I felt that CsqDesigns would be a good fit and would allow me to grow creatively.

My favorite part of being an artist and designer is being able to share my work with others to make an impact on the world.


I’m glad you’re visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know you and share with you!

You can also find me on:
If you have questions, want to place a custom order, or just want to say hi, you can email me at csqdesigns@yahoo.com.


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