Plushie Pumpkin – FREE Crochet Pattern!

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year! I love Fall decorating and the pumpkins!! Helloooooo pumpkin spice!! Yes, I’m THAT girl. I’m overjoyed when pumpkin spice lattes make their debut. As I write this I’m drinking coffee with pumpkin spice creamer. Yum!!

In the spirit of Fall, today I’m sharing with you a FREE plushie pumpkin crochet pattern. My knit pumpkins have been popular, so here’s a crochet version for you.


Crocheted Pumpkin Pattern


[ctt template=”3″ link=”fTKsd” via=”yes” ]FREE Plushie Pumpkin Crochet Pattern! Adorable for Fall decorating![/ctt]




F hook


worsted weight yarn


Instructions for Pumpkin:

Rnd1: Make an adjustable loop and work 6sc in loop, don’t join (6)

Rnd2: (2sc in next st, sc 1) repeat around (12)

Rnd3: (2sc in next st, sc 2) repeat around (18)

Rnd4: (2sc in next st, sc 3) repeat around (24)

Rnd5: (2sc in next st, sc 4) repeat around (30)

Rnd6: (2sc in next st, sc 5) repeat around (36)

Rnd7: (2sc in next st, sc 6) repeat around (42)

Rnd8-12: sc around

Rnd13: (sc2tog, sc 6) repeat around (36)

Rnd14: (sc2tog, sc 5) repeat around (30)

Rnd15: (sc2tog, sc 4) repeat around (24)

Rnd16: (sc2tog, sc 3) repeat around (18)

Start stuffing the pumpkin

Rnd17: (sc2tog, sc 2) repeat around (12)

Rnd18: (sc2tog) repeat around (6)

Fasten off but leave about an 18 inch tail to wrap around to create segments. Finish stuffing. Weave tail through the end stitches to close, then you will take this tail and wrap on the side of the pumpkin. Bring needle up through the bottom center of pumpkin and through top center. Repeat 4-5 times to create 5 or 6 segments, or bumps.


Stem Instructions:

Work a foundation chain crochet for 6 sc, Fasten off with long tail and sew to top of the pumpkin. Weave in ends.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to work a foundation chain crochet, Craftsy has a great tutorial.



I hope you enjoyed my little pumpkin pattern! For more patterns, check out my Ravelry Store!





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