Kimmy Gibbler is my Spirit Animal

Have you been watching Fuller House on Netflix?! So much love!!! Many times reunion shows are a bad, very bad idea, but this? I love it!! It’s so much fun to see the characters I’ve grown up loving now all grown up, both in real life and on a TV series.

DJ may have always been my favorite, but I did enjoy Kimmy. She was bold, outspoken, and knew exactly what she wanted… and… she was so darn quirky! And don’t forget a wild fashion sense!

I have watched the first two seasons of Fuller House and have been thrilled to see old faces come back and even see my heartthrobs from New Kids On The Block make an appearance. While counting down the days til the release of Season 3, which I hear may have an appearance by Ryan Gosling, I finally wrote up the pattern for my donut purse that was inspired by the donut purse Kimmy wore in the first season.


Love it!!!

I had to create my own. The hole in the middle was a bit of a challenge. While I could have designed a purse that had a physical hole, that didn’t seem all that practical. Kimmy’s purse looks like it may have a clear plastic where the hole is, but I’ve not come across any clear yarn yet. If I do then I’ll be sure to use it instead!!

My Donut Purse pattern is now available on Ravelry, but if you’re not crochet-inclined, you can purchase one from my Etsy shop.



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