52 Weeks of Creative Goals & Prompts

Last week I shared my word of the year and how I plan to keep up with it throughout the year. One of the ways I plan to do so is by writing a prompt or a goal at the beginning of each week in my planner for the entire year. I have 3 different areas I’m working on so I have 3 goals written at the beginning of each week. I snagged my health/fitness goals from another site, but I put together my own list for my creative goals and my spiritual growth goals. The latter one will be another post. I started the second day of the year with the stomach bug so my health and fitness goals are off to a rough start. I’m still feeling a bit icky but am hoping to get back on track soon.




This list encompasses several different areas of creativity, as well as a few general ideas. I just wanted to share with you what I’m doing. You can take it as is or adapt it to suit your own creative interests, but don’t be afraid to try something new. I definitely put a few things on this list that I’ve not done before, and I’m excited to see where it leads. The whole point is that it gets you thinking more creatively, using parts of your brain that maybe don’t get exercised as much, and trying out new ways of doing things.


52 Weeks of Creative Goals & Prompts

  1. Social Media Fast
  2. Express yourself
  3. Make art for at least 15 minutes every day
  4. Finish projects
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Do a large puzzle
  7. Cook something you’ve never made before
  8. Encourage others to create
  9. Make art with coffee
  10. Keep an idea notebook
  11. Take photos of your children (family/friends)
  12. Visit a gallery or art museum
  13. Practice, practice, practice
  14. Stop multi-tasking
  15. Make a terrarium
  16. Be around creative people
  17. Sing in the shower
  18. Take a break
  19. Don’t let your ideas scare you
  20. Send a handwritten note
  21. Read a classic
  22. Go for a photo walk and take photos of everything that catches my eye
  23. Work from a new space
  24. Revamp a piece of furniture
  25. Declutter your workspace
  26. Play
  27. Sit and enjoy your coffee/tea, doing nothing else
  28. Paint a 5-minute imaginary landscape
  29. Draw your to-do list
  30. Take a drive
  31. Make something with supplies you have on hand
  32. Artists make art
  33. Organize a craft night with friend
  34. Do a crossword puzzle
  35. Step away from the screen
  36. Draw with your non-dominant hand
  37. Let a child choose my outfit at least one day this week
  38. Stop doubting, start doing
  39. Sew something
  40. Be curious
  41. Don’t give up
  42. Do something in pen and ink
  43. Make something on my to-make list
  44. Visit an art store and look for inspiration
  45. Do what makes you happy
  46. Dance wildly
  47. Let yourself daydream
  48. Learn a new crochet stitch
  49. Color in a coloring book
  50. Learn a new knit stitch
  51. Make art from a bible verse or quote
  52. Put together a new outfit


What do you think of my list? I’d love to hear your thoughts and maybe what you would add to it or plan to do with yours! Share with me in the comments!





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