Big Dreams

Have you ever had a dream that just hangs on to you? Maybe it still is. It attaches itself inside of you and now and then you get a big fat reminder of it. A few weeks ago I was reminded of a dream that took root about 14 years ago. 

The dream came when I was in college as an art student. I don’t remember the exact moment, but I do remember the page of my sketchbook where I recorded my dream. If I dug around for the sketchbook, I could even show you the page. 

My dream is to open a physical business. I want a place where art is on display and people can take classes and socialize. I want a place for my own studio, somewhere that’s not my kitchen table. I had largely forgotten about this until a building downtown went up for sale. 

I think this building has so much potential. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dreamt about or fantasized about this building since it became available. There’s even an apartment upstairs. It needs some work though. But it has a yard! And a fence!!! I may have driven through the alley on lunch break to check it out…

So that’s my dream. This may not be the building God has planned for it and I may (most likely) have to wait some time longer, but I don’t see this dream disappearing. It’s held on for too long. 


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