Dollar Store Fall Wreath DIY

I can’t begin to tell you how much restraint I’ve been using when it comes to Fall decorating. I am eager! About a week ago we had beautiful weather that had me itching for Fall weather, and I really had to fight off the decorating. But today I want to share a fun Fall DIY with you. This DIY is budget-friendly and it uses items that I got entirely from Dollar Tree, so no fancy craft stores needed for this one! I didn’t get my glue gun or hot glue there though, so you’ll need one of those.


What you’ll need:

A straw hat

3-4 bunches of faux flowers

1 package of raffia

1 spool of wire ribbon

1 spool of satin ribbon

A command hook

Large magnet

High temp glue gun and glue

Wire cutters (optional)

You may already have some of these things in your craft stash. I chose to buy everything because I didn’t have things already that coordinated well. A note about use: I used almost the entire spool of wire ribbon (wasn’t much on it for a dollar), and I had some flowers and quite a bit of the satin ribbon and raffia left over.

The shopping is the most important part. Hold flower bunches and leaves and other bits together to find a good combination of colors and textures. Use a couple different types of flowers, a bundle of leaves, a bundle of weed things, a pine cone or acorn, etc. to make your hat more interesting and give it more depth and life. All together I spent about $7.

If you would like to hang your hat right away, go ahead and get your command strip on the door so it has time to cure. Stick it on upside down so you can hook the ribbon loop on it.


My hat came with a ribbon, but it was ugly and didn’t go with my idea, so I cut that off. There was some glue. Just give it a gently tug and it’ll pull off.


Then I fashioned my bow. This is a good tutorial on how to do a classic bow, like I did here. The wire ribbon is a bit fiddly for this, but it can be done. My knot was a little loose, but it will all get glued down, so don’t worry.


Now take the rest of the wire ribbon and wrap loosely around the hat. I twisted mine just a tad to add a bit more depth and interest. Glue the ribbon to the hat in about 4 places around the hat, glue the ends where they meet and snip off the ends. This will be covered by the bow.


Now you’ll want to do the same thing with the raffia. Take 2-3 pieces of raffia and wrap them loosely around the hat. Depending on how long the pieces are, you may need to add more to go all the way around. When you get to where your ribbon ends are, take 3-4 strands of raffia, double it and glue the middle just below the ribbon ends. Then glue your bow over the ribbon ends. Be careful not to get hot glue on your fingers. It really hurts. I have the blister to prove it.


Next I started separating the flower clusters. I cut them with a wire cutter, but scissors would work too.


Once you get everything separated, lay your flowers, pine cones, acorns, whatever you have around the hat. You want to go about 3/4 of the way around, with the bow as almost center, as you see in the photo. The off-center layout adds visual interest and balance. Play with the arrangement and find out what looks best. You can further trim down the flower pieces or even bend them to make them face outward. I did this with the sunflowers.


Carefully pull each flower out from the hat, add glue and glue each one down in place. I started closest to the bow on each side and worked out from the bow. This made layering much easier.

Once you get your flowers on, hold your hat from the top and determine where the ribbon hanger needs to go. I put mine almost directly above the bow. I glued about an inch of it down on the back side of the hat.


Here is the tricky clever bit… Add a strong magnet to one side of the hat. The hat is pretty lightweight and if you have an aluminum front door, the magnet will keep it from blowing about all willy-nilly. Genius, right? I thought so. I am pretty clever, if I do say so myself.

Pretty sneaky, huh?


If you need to, have someone help with the length of the hanging ribbon to see where to cut it. I needed a chair. Cut your ribbon with enough length to make a loop to catch on the hook. I got lucky and it worked perfectly the first time. Then hang your beautiful Fall “wreath” and trim the raffia ends and bow ends if you need to, then show it off!


I’d love to see your hat creations. Please share them with me. Tag me on Instagram and Twitter  @caseycarrollart.

Happy Fall, y’all!!!




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