5 Crochet Tips That Rocked My World!!

I am just having one of those weeks when nothing seems to be going as planned, but gotta keep moving along. I’ve spent a few days this week, particularly Wednesday, feeling absolutely awful. I actually ended up in the ER after work on Wednesday, trying to sort out why I felt so lousy. Four hours and a shot in the tushie later, and I’m on my way to recovery, I hope.

All this to say, that’s one reason why this blog post wasn’t posted sooner. And with taxes and other things going on and needing immediate attention, my blog just hasn’t been a priority. I am hoping I’ll feel better over the weekend and can catch up and get ahead again. But for today, I’m going to share with you 5 tips or techniques that have been invaluable to me in crochet.


The first of these magical tips is…

The Magic Ring – I told you it was magical! It even says so in its name!! This technique is also referred to as the adjustable loop method. Whatever you want to call it, this technique is great for crocheting things in the round, such as toys and hats. I feel it makes a tighter and stronger center. CrochetMe has a good tutorial here.

This leads well into our next tip…

Hat Sizes – This bit of info has been a game changer! I make a variety of hats in my Etsy shop and wanted to make sizes other than ones that fit me or my daughters (the only heads I have at home to test on). This size chart has enabled me to make sizes for anyone and everyone! No more strangely asking someone to measure their head so you can make them a hat as a gift. I have done this. haha! Crochet Crowd has a great chart online.

The next few tips have to do with finishing. The first…

Invisible Join – Anyone else hate that pesky bump when you tie off at the end of a project? This sneaky little tip will get rid of that bump! It doesn’t take very long and looks great! Gleeful Things has a how-to on her blog. She also has some really great crochet patterns. I love her Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat.

Blocking – What a difference this makes!! When I first started crocheting I wasn’t a blocker. I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it does!! It SO does! Blocking really makes your stitches (aka All that hard work!!!) stand out beautifully. It helps garments and shawls to lay better, and it’s a must for afghan blocks. This photo tutorial will show you the difference between blocking and not blocking.

Invisible Stitch – We had invisible join, and now we have invisible stitch. Piecing together afghans is tedious, and I want it to look seamless. I don’t want the seam to be super obvious, which is why invisible stitch is awesome. Take a look at this great photo tutorial.

I hope these tips help you, especially if you’re just starting out in crochet. Not a crocheter? Maybe you’re a knitter. I have some of my favorite knitting tips here.

What are some of your favorite crochet tips or techniques? Share them in the comments.

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