Why I’m No Longer Satisfied With "Good Enough" and What I’m Doing About It

If you’ve never reached that point of “enough is enough”, then I hope you do. Not much else will give you a kick in the pants faster than the moment when you are done with the way things have been going and are ready to make a change.

In fact, I’d venture to say that you can’t truly make a change until you’ve reached the “enough is enough” point.



When I opened my Etsy shop in January 2011 I had huge hopes. Huge! However, I didn’t realize how much work it would be to start, maintain, promote, grow, etc. It’s a LOT of work. When I didn’t immediately see the success I wanted, I backed off. I decided it was much too difficult to gain headway and that maybe I just wasn’t cut out for it.

My shop went silent for awhile. No new listings, no new product, no new announcements of any kind. Just crickets.

I then began some research. I did a ton of research on online business, Etsy businesses, social marketing, and many other things. I started to implement these things. I took better photos, wrote better product descriptions, actually used the tags on the listings, shared on social media, networked… the works!

And ya know what, I began to see some results!

5 years later… I’m, again, not satisfied. But it isn’t just my shop that I’m dissatisfied with. It’s nearly everything.

For far too long I’ve had the “it is what it is” mentality. That mentality neither propels you forward, nor does it bring contentment. Rather, it makes you stagnant and discontent with where you are. This mentality accepts the current circumstances, isn’t happy about it, but doesn’t see the point in trying to change anything. How depressing!

This year I am making goals!!! Again! And I WILL meet those goals, one way or another. No longer will I be unhappy with my business status, my relationship status, my financial status, or any other status. I have made a plan (it’s on the calendar!) to improve nearly every area of my life. At the end of the year, I may not have a stellar romantic relationship or dramatically increase my income this year, but I WILL enjoy where I’m at.

I wholeheartedly believe that 90% of our satisfaction is mental. It starts there. Change starts in the mind. If you want it badly enough, you will do what it takes to get there.

You CAN make a change and live the life you want. Believe you can do it and then DO IT!!!

Be sure to check out the new Spring/Summer items in the shop and keep a watch for more coming April 11th! ;



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