Made by Giggles

I wish I could show you my house so you can see just how many craft supplies I have. I wouldn’t say that I could rival one of the big craft stores, but I might be able to make Martha Stewart jealous. Now, you would think that having so many craft supplies and having a history of craftiness, and even a degree in art, that I would be doing craft projects with my kids all the time. I’m about to crush your perception of me… We don’t.

In fact, crafting is rarely done as a family. Although, it’s often begged for. The fact is, I love crafting, but crafting with kids stresses me the crap out. I don’t like messes, unless I’m the one making the mess. Anyone else feel me here?

My 9-year-old has been super supportive of my Etsy shop from day 1. She’s been my little cheerleader and jumps for joy when we hear the cha-ching from my Etsy app. She loves it! And for a year or so now, she has been begging me to sell her creations in my shop. Her creations have been everything from a coloring page to a bent pipe cleaner. (And her prices were steep!)

So after much persistence (on both sides), I would like to introduce a new section to the CsqDesigns shop


Everything in the Made by Giggles section is thought up and created by my 9-year-old daughter. She also has a big part in how her creations are photographed, how they are priced, and in writing the descriptions for them. This new adventure of hers will hopefully teach her a bit about running a business and about finance. She has agreed to give me money from each sale to cover the cost of materials and fees. The rest is hers to use to, probably, add more stuff to her room. haha!

Right now, she has a few different pom pom critters in her section that she describes as “so cute you can’t stop looking at them.” She has a couple of other things in the works, and she can hardly wait til she hears a “cha ching” from my app.

She is so excited to share her creations!  So do her a solid and go check them out! 

 photo signaturepng_zpsd95be082.png


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