10 Knitting Tips That Will Change Your Life!


Knitting can be tricky. And even once you’ve mastered the knit and purl, there is still so much to learn and knitters are often coming up with new tricks of the trade to help a knitter out.




A few of these tricks have completely changed what I knit and how I knit.

#1 How to Relax Circular Needles – I LOVE circulars!!! When knitting stockinette, there’s no need to purl on circulars! But sometimes the needles are a bit fiddly, especially straight from the package. Soften up the cable by dipping them in boiling water.

#2 A Trick to Keeping Your Edges Neat – It’s hard to get pretty edges when knitting on straight needles, and the edges like to curl. This trick is fabulous for keeping those edges pretty.

#3 Frogging Tip – Sometimes you make a mistake and you have to rip it out. Create a “safety net” of sorts so you don’t rip out too far and so you don’t lose stitches while frogging.

#4 Knitting Your Tail – I hate weaving in ends, so this tip is a time saver!

#5 Two-at-a-Time (TAAT) Socks – Game. Changer. I love knitting socks. I started on DPNS then moved to knitting one sock at a time on a circular needle with the magic loop method (another awesome technique). But THEN I learned TAAT on a circular!! I love that I get a full pair of socks done at the same time!! Then I learned Four-at-a-time… End of story.

#6 Kitchener Stitch – Super awesome binding stitch to close up toes on your socks and for seaming. It looks beautiful and flawless!

#7 Knitted Plaid – What?! Yep!!! So easy and looks awesome!

#8 Russian Join – I just recently found a new way to join that I need to try, but this one is great! No weaving it ends! Woohoo!!!

#9 Softening Scratchy Yarn – Okay, so it’s not a knitting exclusive tip, but it’s still pretty awesome for softening that yard sale yarn.

#10 Stretchy Bind Off – This one is so quick and stretchy and looks fabulous!! Great for sock cuffs!

What are some great knitting tips and tricks you’ve found and love?

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