Face Painting Supply List


It’s getting to be the season for festivals and fairs, and one thing the kids love about these events is… Face Painting!!!! I’m not quite sure what it is, but kids LOVE getting their faces painted. Maybe it’s the color or the design, or maybe it’s just because it’s one way parents don’t mind their little faces getting “dirty”. Whatever it is, I love seeing colorful little faces walking around at these events, and I love even more when I’m the one who gets to make them colorful and put smiles on their faces.
I’ve been painting faces for about 15 years or so. My list of supplies has grown and changed with trial and error.
Here’s my current list:
-makeup sponges to apply large sections of paint
-face paint brushes
-paper towels
-plastic cups for water (sturdy ones that won’t get knocked over if it’s windy)
-2 buckets for water (1clean/1dirty)
-hand held mirrors or mirrors with stands (like Mary Kay mirrors)
-baby wipes (handy for cleaning up messes and oopses)
-stencils are optional, but can be handy
I like the Snazaroo paint pretty well. Last summer I tried some paint by Hobby Lobby. I’m glad I tested it first because it ended up staining my hand. I would have hated to stain someone’s face. I think that would make for some not-so-happy parents, even if I were painting faces for free.
Do you face paint? What are some of your favorite supplies or paint? Maybe something I haven’t thought of?

 photo signaturepng_zpsd95be082.png

I used and edited the photo found here.


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