What’s the Fuss over Doctor Who?

I have been hearing about Doctor Who for a couple of years now, but hadn’t seen a single episode. I even recently put a couple of Doctor Who inspired items into my shop… but hadn’t see a single episode! So I decided I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

I started with the new series in season 1. It seemed like a logical place to start. But after the first episode I was completely confused. IT WAS SO WEIRD!!! It was like Star Wars, Men in Black, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy all rolled into one, but a LOT weirder.

So, naturally, I took it to Facebook. I asked my Facebook friends if it just takes a few episodes to get into it. I was then told to start with the 11th hour. The what?! The 11th hour is apparently Whovian code for the 5th season. I was told to start there and then watch the first season because I would appreciate it more… or something.

Okay. Fifth season. Still very weird, but I’m diggin’ the Amy Pond story. Kinda interesting. The doctor is pretty amusing too, a bit odd, but amusing. I particularly like the episode with Van Gogh, obviously. I even teared up at the end and thought “What is happening?!” I was actually starting to like this weirdness!!

Now I’ve finished season 5 and have gone back to season 1 to try again. Definitely a bit more likable this time. Weird.

If you’ve not already been sucked in to the Doctor Who universe, my advice is this: Watch season 5 and then go back to season 1. I definitely prefer season 5’s doctor over the one in season 1, though. He makes it easier to want to watch it. So does the Amy Pond storyline, which seems like it might continue in season 6. The show is still very weird and very sci-fi with a lot of very strange creatures and creepy things, but I like how there are some historical figures and events tied into it. It makes it interesting.

Are you a “Whovian” or have you not gotten into it yet either? What do you think?

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