DIY Soap Dispenser Pump

I had a slight dilemma recently. I had been painting and was washing my brushes with dish soap. Not the best, but it’s what I had on hand. I kept having to pick up the bottle of soap with wet and painted-covered hands and turn it over, which meant I kept dropping the bottle of soap. Not a big deal, but when you’ve been painting as much as I have been lately, it becomes a bit annoying. I knew there had to put an easier way to do this.



I remembered I had a coffee syrup pump that I haven’t used in years.

Cut the straw end so it fits in the soap bottle, screw it on, and…

Voila! It works beautifully for washing paintbrushes AND dishes!!! No more giant bottle of soap plopping into a sink full of water and soaking you… unless, of course, you just knock it into the water like I’ve done.
What do you think? Would this make your life just a little bit easier?
Keep creating!!!!
Casey 🙂



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