How-To Tuesday: Thumbprint Heart Love Canvas

Hi there! Back for another How-To Tuesday! Today I’m going to give you an idea for a Valentine’s Day decoration that is pretty quick and easy. I apologize for not taking photos of all the steps. I tend to get too excited and I forget, but I think you’ll get the idea.

I wanted something simple but “Valentinesy”. Preferably something I could leave up all year, if I wanted to.

I came up with this idea, originally intending to paint in the heart, then I thought it would be really sweet and personal to have the heart made up of mine and my daughter’s thumbprints.

The first thing I did was I painted a heart in the top half of a canvas. I did this with gesso, but white acrylic would also work. This was mainly so I knew where to put our thumbprints and it filled in the canvas a bit so our prints would be a bit clearer and crisper on the canvas.

This is where I forgot to take photos… Oops. So basically, I squirted some red craft paint onto a plate, dipped my daughter’s thumb in the paint then pressed it onto the heart where I wanted it. Did the same with mine until the heart was mostly filled in.

After the heart was there, I just painted “LOVE” underneath it, and we were done! 🙂

Easy peasy and cute, right?! 🙂
Keep Creating!!
Casey 🙂

2 thoughts on “How-To Tuesday: Thumbprint Heart Love Canvas

  1. It was fun! The hard part is putting their thumbs (or fingers) in the right spot without dripping paint on the pretty white canvas. It would probably be helpful to cut a heart out of cardboard or newsprint and place it around the heart on the canvas to keep the canvas clean.


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