A New Year Full of Headbands!

I’m getting a jump start on one of my new year’s “things” (not sure what to call it). I’ll soon be sharing my entire list with you, but I’ll give you this one: I want to wear more headbands in 2014.

An odd resolution, to be sure, but I just think they look so super cute and they help hold back all my frizzies, especially on those RainyThrowMyHairInAPony Days.

So I’ve been working up some headbands like a crazy lady.

I made a fun little collage for you too. 🙂


Hooray! High-five for cute headbands!

I’m making some for my daughter too. She doesn’t really like wearing things in her hair, but she WILL love headbands by Spring! She will just have so many that she will learn to love them. hahaha!

Definitely not the best photo of her, but I had to be sneaky since she wouldn’t actually pose for one. But isn’t that bow cuteness on her?! 🙂

Are you a headband girl too?



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