My 2013, Year in Review

It’s time to reflect on this year and start planning for next year. Looking at my goals for 2013, I didn’t do too terribly.

This year I became more intentional about my business, speaking of it often. I also became a Mary Kay consultant, so that meant marketing two business at once and trying to find the balance.

I started giving art lessons this year, which is a lot of fun. I bought a few books on building a handmade business and have managed to get through some of them. Some of my favorites include:

The Handmade Marketplace, by Kari Chapin
Blogging for Creatives, by Robin Houghton
How to Sell Your Crafts Online, by Derrick Sutton

I have organized and reorganized my craft space multiple times this year. Click here for my latest attempt.

I did not make my 365 miles goal. I fell embarrassingly short. When it got cold, my lack of gym membership discouraged me from running. I also had a couple months when I couldn’t run, either because my daughter was out of school or because I had torn my calf muscle. I did, however, run in the Color Run in Louisville in June.

In January I started keeping a “Jar of Good Things”. Any time something good or big happened, I would write it down and put it in the jar. So here are a few of the good things from that jar:
-I sold 12 Yukon hats at once in November. They had to be completed in 2 weeks, and I did it. Pretty amazing that I made it.
-In October I promoted to Star Team Builder with Mary Kay, just 4 months after I started.
-In March my granny square earrings & ring pattern were selected by Holla Knits for their collection.
-I then became an Independent Designer with Knit Picks and my pattern was posted on their site.
-I got my crocheted jewelry on consignment at Joyful Nest in California.
-I got to drive a mustang for 2 months, including my birthday.
-My Flirty Romance scrappy scarf was included in a Valentine’s Day exhibit.
-I taught a few classes at a community art center.
-I started teaching art lessons.
-I had an online article written about me and my work.
-My ex-in-laws gave me the Dave Ramsey CD set.
-I had 7 Etsy orders in the first week of the year. Hoping it starts off well in 2014 too.
-My daughter finally got a 100% on a spelling test.
-My parents came for Christmas. First time they’ve visited in at least 2 years.
-I had 2 months of karate for my daughter completely free to us.
-I helped deliver Christmas gifts to 42 residents at a nursing home through a fundraiser with my Mary Kay unit.
So those are a few of my highlights this year, what are some of yours?


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