Granny Squares, Not-So-Granny Anymore!!

I have always loved to decorate my home (and myself) with things that are unique. Different. Things no one else has. And colorful! I LOVE color! I suppose that is part of why I love being so artsy-crafty. I can make those things!

The 80s and 90s will always have a special place in my heart. -Hello! New Kids on the Block, thank you very much.- But in the last year or so, I have been finding myself drawn to vintage and retro things. I love the whole Flapper girl thing, love the clothes girls wore in the 50s, and I’m lovin’ the style of the 60s and 70s. How cute are those little head garland things?!

I have also been known to transform my clothes. This ties into the whole “wanting things no one else has”. Re-inventing your clothes are an easy way to do that. While on this re-inventing kick, I kept going back to my crocheting and knitting. I had been seeing granny square afghans popping up all over my Instagram, but these were not the granny square afghans my grandma made! These were FULL of beautiful color, not those rusty oranges and blacks.

I love me an afghan or two, but for me, they take too long and I get bored. Not even kidding, I have 4 afghans that I’ve started and haven’t finished yet. I would eventually like to finish one of them, but I figure since I already have a few totes full of ones that were made for me, why not do something different with this beloved granny square. And that’s when I thought: earrings!!! That then morphed into a ring.


When a friend told me that Holla Knits was taking submissions for their collection, I honestly put it off. I thought it would be really cool, but what did I have to submit. I had never submitted anything before, and I’ve not been crocheting or knitting nearly as long as some of the designers out there, but at the very last minute (by last minute, I mean, last couple of days), I did it. I sent Allyson my submission. When I got the acceptance email, I wanted to go anywhere where there were people and hug them and tell them what happened! You just never know until you try!! 🙂

Pattern Information
My first encounter with crochet was the granny square and ripple afghans my grandmothers made. Today, many of the colors used would make the afghans appear outdated. I really enjoy crocheting jewelry and wanted to put a modern spin on this classic motif. I like playing around with color combinations, and with this pattern, I can create an earring and ring set to match any outfit.

Finished Size The earrings are approximately 2 inches wide, and the ring is approximately 2 inches lengthwise.

Yarn: Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread, Size 10, 100% mercerized cotton, small amounts of 2 colors.

Hook: Steel hook, size 8.

Notions: 4 small jump rings, 2 earring hooks, 2 needle nose pliers, embroidery needle, fabric stiffener.

And guess what?! I get to give a pattern away to a lucky winner! Just comment below and I’ll choose a winner July 25th. Please include an email so I can contact you if you win. 🙂

Good luck!!

Here is the rest of the Holla Knits Crochet Collection Blog Tour Schedule:

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So be sure to mark your calendars for your favorite dyers and designers days, and check back here every day for more giveaways and insider collection info.


Happy Crafting!!
Casey 🙂

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