Summer Strawberries


I LOVE strawberries. I think they’re some of the most delicious things out there. I love the sweetness of a perfectly ripe strawberry.

I love the many things you can do with strawberries… pie, strawberry shortcake, smoothies, ice cream, salads… They are probably one of the most versatile fruits. And they look so pretty too!

I’m growing strawberries on my balcony this year. Since it’s they’re first year, I don’t get a whole bunch at once. It’s more like “yum! That was a good strawberry.”

My love for strawberries is what inspired my strawberry ring. I’ve not seen another like it!


Is it not one of the most beautiful things you’ve seen today?! Don’t nibble on this one though. The middle isn’t very sweet.

What is your favorite Summer treat?

Happy Crafting!!
Casey 🙂

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