Kids "Free Painting" Project

If you’re a work-from-home mom like me, some days you struggle to keep your little ones entertained so you can get a bit of work done. Well, here is a pretty easy, albeit messy, project to keep their little hands and minds busy for a couple of hours.

What you’ll need:
-a long sheet of paper (4′ or so)
-paint on some paper plates
-paint slightly thinned in a squirt bottle
-bubble paint (you can make your own or buy Crayola’s)
-a BUNCH of “paintbrushes”! Some ideas: pine cones, balloons, pipe cleaners, sticks, toilet paper tubes, foam stamps, styrofoam, their hands, etc.
-a cup/bucket of water to rinse colors

Lay the paper somewhere outside. A sidewalk or driveway is best because it provides a hard surface underneath. If you don’t want paint on your sidewalk, you may want to put a tarp or painter’s plastic underneath the paper.

Hand them their “brushes” and paint and let ’em go!!

My daughter played with the textures and paints for a couple hours or so. Be sure to let the paint dry before rolling it up or displaying it.

This project allows your children to explore non-traditional methods of paint application, think creatively, and have fun! It’s great for kids with SPD too!







As you can see, she got pretty into it. 🙂


Happy Crafting! 
Casey 🙂

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