Live Your Dream: Find Your Motivators



We have arrived at Part 4 of our blog series on goals! By now you should have written down your goal and your why, created a dreamboard, and come up with a plan of action! Yay!!! Are you excited?!?!!! You are a bit closer to achieving those dreams!

If you’ve missed any of the posts so far, they will be at the bottom of this post so you can catch up. 🙂

So for today, we are going to talk about motivators. I’m not talking about using the Victoria Secret model for your “I want to lose weight” goal, but if that works for you, go for it, I suppose. What I mean by motivators is this: people in your life who want to see you succeed. 

It is possible to achieve your goals without motivators, but believe me, having those motivators definitely push you to keep going. This is much like that accountability person we talked about in Part 3. Share your goals with someone, or several people, who want to see you succeed. I tend to take Mark Twain’s advice when it comes to the people I choose to have in my circle of influence:

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
So what do these motivators look like?
For me, they usually… 
…have upbeat personalities.
…are positive people, always putting a positive spin on the situation at hand.
…provide helpful information and contacts when they can.
…are honest and give constructive advice & criticism. 
…are able (and willing) to cheer you up when something goes “wrong”. 
These are the people who are going to encourage you to be great. They will encourage you to accomplish your goal. They will encourage you to keep trying. They will also help you to push the words of the naysayers out of your mind. Your motivators will help you to succeed. 
Who is your biggest motivator right now?
And if you’ve missed any:
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Thanks for stopping in and following along! 
Casey 🙂

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