Live Your Dream: Creating a Dreamboard



This is the second post in our 5 post series. Yesterday I wrote about the importance of writing down our goals and our whys (view it here). As promised, my goal is to do what I love and get to enjoy time with my daughter, who is also my why.

Today we will discuss dreamboards and how to make them.

I was introduced to the idea of a dreamboard about 6 years ago when I became a PartyLite consultant. I try to make a dreamboard of some sort every year. Dreamboards are another visual reminder of your goals and what those goals look like once you achieve them.

I did a bit of research on dreamboards and found some digital options that you can try, or you can use my preferred method, which I will teach you here.

One of the digital options I found is through Oprah’s website. It’s called an O Dream Board. You have to create an account on the website, but once you do you can create your board. First you choose a background. Then you can search for and choose available images or upload your own. You can also add text. Once you have completed your board, you can print it, share it, or save it to your computer. You can also create more than one dreamboard, if you have different goals you are striving for. Here is the dreamboard I quickly made on there.


I also found an iPhone app called Go Dreamy. It’s kind of neat because you can sort it out by topic. From the app you can upload photos from your library or take photos straight from the app. It also gives you the option to share your dreams/goals on Facebook. Here’s what I quickly came up with today. It’s not completed yet.

My favorite dreamboard method is something I can hold and display on my wall as a constant reminder, much like the notecards we made yesterday.
For this method you will need a manilla folder, canvas, poster board, foam board… whichever you prefer. I like the manilla folder, because once I’ve accomplished the dreams I can easily store it if I want to keep it. You will also need some magazines. You can usually get free ones at the library, salons, doctor’s offices, etc. when they are done with them or have been replaced by current ones. Also pull out some glue, paper, pens, markers, whatever you would like to decorate your dreamboard and make it yours.
Here is the start to my current one. I will share the “finished” board with you tomorrow.
Once you have your backdrop ready, start cutting images out of your magazines, printing them off your computer, using text (though I believe images are more powerful here). Then arrange your images onto your board and glue them down. When your board is complete, be sure to display it where you can see it and be reminded of what your life may look like once you have achieved your goal.
You can even get your kids in on the action by having them create their own dreamboard or create a family dreamboard.

Come back tomorrow for part 3 in our series!

Part 1: Keep Your Eyes On the Goal
Part 2: Creating a Dreamboard
Part 3: Your Plan of Action
Part 4: Find Your Motivators 
Part 5: Dealing with Setbacks


Casey 🙂

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