The Ketchup Aversion

I’m not really sure how or why it started, but…

I HATE ketchup.
Look at that. Doesn’t it just make you want to gag?
My aversion to ketchup is really quite a problem. My daughter LOVES ketchup. She will eat ketchup on anything. Chicken, fries, pork chops, carrots, strawberries, ketchup… That’s right. She will eat it all by itself.
At first it started with me being able to eat ketchup only with fries or on scrambled eggs a few months ago. Now, I can’t even stand the smell of it. Just the smell of it sends me running.
A few weeks ago my daughter ate lunch during her counseling visit. She didn’t finish and asked if she could finish in the car on the way to school. I said yes, forgetting there was ketchup in her lunch. I rolled down the windows and it took everything in me to not throw her ketchup invested lunchbox out the window.
Then last week my boyfriend brought me a burger {bless his heart}, and it had ketchup on it. I was so hungry that I didn’t care… until the last few bites. It seems that all the ketchup was in those last few bites, which is normal. Why they put the condiments all on one side or the other, I’ll never understand. Anyway, all the ketchup was in the last bites, so I forfeited the last of the burger to my boyfriend, explaining my disdain for ketchup. Funny thing is, he likes ketchup – I don’t. I like mustard – he doesn’t. I don’t think his dislike for mustard is nearly as strong as mine for ketchup.
This was a really random post, but apparently my hatred for ketchup is weird to many of my friends. Do you have any weird food aversions?
Happy Memorial Day to you, and… Happy Crafting!!!
Casey 🙂

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