Earth Day Fairy House

My 6-year-old loves the idea of fairies! She likes the Tinkerbell movies, and even says the dust floating in the air are fairies. It only seemed fitting that for Earth Day, we make a fairy house and garden to add to our container garden on our balcony.

We took a walk to collect a few things for it – pine cones, pine needles, rocks, grass, flowers, etc.




{With this in my house for 3 days, it’s no wonder why my allergies are a mess!}

Then we started building it with layers onto a juice bottle. This part was tricky. The glue was a bit difficult.




We worked on it over the weekend and finally finished it today. We now have a fairy house and garden on top of our strawberries. We’ve even given them a glittery pool using the bottom of the juice bottle!



And today I found out that Fave Crafts is doing an Earth Week Blog Hop with some fun Earth Week themed projects, so I decided to link up! Go check out what others are doing this week too!


What are you doing for Earth Week?
Happy Crafting! xoxo

3 thoughts on “Earth Day Fairy House

  1. Hi Casey, This is Julia from FaveCrafts. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your post and for your participation in this Blog Hop. I am so glad you got to share this amazing craft! Voting starts tomorrow so be sure to tell all of your friends and family to head over to the blog and help you win! Thanks again and have a wonderful day.


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