My current read… one of them

For YEARS I have loved sword dueling, hero/heroine, battles between good and evil, kingdom-type movies. Some of my favorites include A Knight’s Tale, Ever After, Man in the Iron Mask, Braveheart, The Patriot, Robin Hood, and The Three Musketeers. I own the Chris O’Donnell making and love it. I recently saw the newer one with the oh-so-beautiful, Orlando Bloom. These two films had similarities and differences but were based on the same story, so I wanted to read the book, because the book is ALWAYS better.

Last week I went to the library. I cannot leave the library with fewer than 5 books. It’s an impossibility. Once inside that palace of learning and imagination, I saw a table of books with a sign that read, “Love the movie? Read the book!” and my coveted and beloved Three Musketeers was there. Joy! So, of course, it came home with me. The first 72 pages are fantastic! Keeping track of the names and places pose a challenge, but I just love the language of books written before, roughly, the 1900s. It’s simply, well, not-so-simply, beautiful.

Off to read and kill a pesky fly! 🙂


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