A Creativity Explosion!

An explosion is exactly what it is, too.

It looks like my craft supplies vomited all over my living room… and then reproduced.

My new camera arrived on Tuesday. I haven’t had a camera in about two reasons. It was stolen, and I just hadn’t replaced it. However, I finally did, and now my Etsy photos are so much prettier! The camera on my phone just doesn’t take the high-quality photos that I was wanting. So since Tuesday, I’ve been a photographing maniac! I have yarn items strung out all over my living room, just waiting to have their chance in front of the lens of my pretty pink camera… with a polka dot case.

I’m slowly adding items back into my shop that had been somewhat abandoned, due largely to discouragement, but I have such an abundance of finished items, with nowhere to store them, that they have GOT to go.

I even made some mustaches and had WAY too much fun photographing them. teeehee 🙂




And there’s some of my silliness…
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