Glitz and… Titz?

I came across a story today about TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras. I don’t remember the original story, because I kind of got lost in related stories after that. The whole idea of putting children in pageants disgusts me, and the length that the parents go to is even more repulsive.

To get ready for the pageants, these children will get spray tans, have their eyebrows & legs waxed, get Botox injections, go on diets, and more. Many of these families do their own spray tanning and Botox injections. Makes me wonder if they even know what they’re injecting into their children when they get their “Botox” off of Ebay.

The amount of money spent on these pageants are outrageous! For the Little Miss Glitz pageant, dresses start at about $3,000. The cost for one pageant can easily exceed $15,000. The judges for these pageants make me mad. One pageant organizer made the remark that pageants are not for the unattractive or the poor. Can you imagine what these routines could do to these kids’ self-image in a few years?



 These kids are adding padding for breasts and butts, adding fake eyelashes, fake teeth, fake hair, and crazy amounts of makeup. They no longer look like children.



I got caught up watching some of the episodes on YouTube, and couldn’t believe some of the dances they were doing and the encouragement from their mothers. With some of the kids, it was obvious that it was more about the mother’s interests than the child’s. The kids didn’t like the spray tans, hate hairspray, the fake hair hurt, and the waxing was brutal, but the mothers didn’t care.


There are stories about some of these girls, even 4-year-olds, going out to bars and nightclubs to dance and sing as part of publicity. They are given pixie sticks, caffeinated drinks, and energy drinks on pageant day to perk them up. One mother said that the pixie sticks don’t work for her 6-year-old, and that for one pageant she even tried 15 bags of pixie sticks!
My question is: Where the heck are their fathers?!?!  Some of the fathers appear to be just as invested as the mothers, while others are against it but don’t appear to be doing anything to stop it. Why would a father allow his daughter, or son, to be a part of something like this? I don’t want my daughter doing any of these things. It’s one thing for her to dress up and play with makeup, but it’s a whole different thing when she’s waxing her eyebrows and getting spray tans at 5-years-old.
Some of these mothers seem to be consumed by this, yet say that this is just a small part of their child’s life. I say BULL! Their rooms are set up like museums, with the walls lined with trophies, crowns, and ribbons. Let the children enjoy their childhood. Why are these parents, and the pageant organizers, forcing children to sexualize themselves and do things that aren’t natural for children to do? Children do not have wrinkles that are in need of Botox injections. If an 8-year-old needs Botox, then I must look like a hideous beast with all my laugh lines!


What do you think of this? Should pageants like these exist? If there are going to be pageants for children, can’t we rule out all the superficial stuff and just let them appear naturally & age-appropriately?
Would you ever put your child into one of these pageants, and were you ever in pageants?
I wouldn’t mind seeing TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras come off the air. I don’t know, but I believe it could be making it worse.

4 thoughts on “Glitz and… Titz?

  1. This show is an example of one of the reasons why I haven't had tv in about 7 years. It's just garbage. So, no, I haven't seen Dance Moms and probably wouldn't want to. I've seen enough of the dance teams and their moms to know what they do. I went to a talent show at the elementary school last Spring and there were girls dancing who were in dance groups. Some of their dance moves, songs, and outfits were not even close to age-appropriate. And some fathers force their kids, especially sons, into sports and get upset if they don't do as well as they want them too. I agree, those early morning practices are insane and unnecessary.


  2. I absolutely agree with you, Casey. The first time I saw this show I was watching it with Elizabeth – I'd never heard of it and thought it would be fun to watch a little princess show with my daughter. It didn't take long for me to change the channel. The funny thing was that El said, “Mommy, those girls were mean, weren't they?” That led to a nice discussion about Proverbs 31:30 – “Charm is decietful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”
    Elizabeth participates in the little miss show in our town's summer festival, but that is the extent of our “pageant” experience. The girls have a great time just dressing up in their pretty dresses and a little bit of lip gloss.
    Have you seen the show “Dance Moms”? It's just as bad. I can't believe the abuse those little girls have to endure while their moms look on and say nothing.
    My daughter is also in ballet and they practice for one hour each week for a recital at the end of the semester that is put on for parents and family members – not for judges. They have requested that she wear mascara and lip stick for performances. We, however, have opted not to allow her to wear the makeup and she dances just a beautifully as the other girls. And, she's never gotten into trouble for not wearing it. I think that parents forget that they have a say in what their children are exposed to.
    What gets me is the fact that we make kids grow up way too fast these days. There are boys I know who spend every waking minute striving to excel at sports. I know some children who are forced to choose between their sport and their faith because coaches schedule practices on Wednesday evenings and games on Sundays. Some of the athletes in our MIDDLE SCHOOL have to be at practice at 5:30 in the morning to practice before school! I think that's just as extreme.
    Why can't we just let them be kids?


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