Oh my stars!!!!

While searching for the perfect pattern for a crocheted flower last night, I did another search just for autumn flowers, thinking maybe I could fashion my own pattern from them. That’s when I came across this…


The blazing star flower (liatris)! They can grow up to 4 feet tall. Butterflies love them. AND they have medicinal properties! They are said to treat painful or delayed menstruation, can be boiled and gargled to treat sore throats, or swallowed to relieve colic, back pain, and weakness! Oh, and they act as a diuretic and stimulant! What an amazing, and beautiful, plant! However, some of the 37 species are toxic and, despite their yummy vanilla scent, should not be consumed.

I was thinking that maybe someday I could try growing them, but then I found this…


Look at that! They grow in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River EXCEPT for the one I live in! Poor little Kentucky…

Symbolically, the flower is said to represent satisfaction, happiness, and bliss. Plus, they’re so pretty and unique!




Ahh well… I guess I’ll just admire them on the computer screen.


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